My Clubmoor Youth Theatre

MyClubmoor Youth Theatre, powered by Unistar Drama, runs every Sunday. Our children’s drama group is designed for kids ages 6-9 who are interested in strengthening their understanding and use of the dramatic arts. Our focus is on helping young people develop creativity, self-expression, collaboration and communication. Through warm-ups, monologues, scenes, improvisations, and music, kids learn to communicate through storytelling and express their feelings joyously and freely! We create an environment of respect, support, and unconditional love, where kids can freely explore their own ideas, imaginatively express themselves, and hone their theatrical skills. Our goal is to provide an exciting, enriching experience that fosters growth, self-confidence, creative collaboration, and teamwork.

Our Other Projects

Graphic Design and Typography Competition
This year MyClubmoor and Aaron Givens from @Grveyardshft have teamed up to come up with a lockdown competition for anyone interested in graphic design, illustration, typography, art or anyone else who wants to give it a try.
Be More Dog
Our dog show is held every July, usually over the last weekend of the month.
Grow Moor
Activities and events focused on gardening, community growing and food programmes encouraging and bringing people together with an interest in local growing and developing green spaces.