Create Moor

A range of activities to create and develop the artistic flair of local people, and in the process develop products and improve the environment.

Working with local people to identify and showcase their talent and creativity in craft, needlework, drawing and painting, woodwork, pottery, photography, drama, creative writing and other art forms.

Develop a range of local markets for these products – network events for local crafters. Use local volunteers and artists to provide support to events and other MyClubmoor activities to stimulate their income.

Establish excellent relationships with the Liverpool arts-based community, providing a wider forum for learning and networks for our residents. Use these organizations to teach and inspire us through short courses, masterclasses and tutorials. Engage this network in social media to bring people into the ward. Providing classes for adults and children based on the above creativity.


Artsgroupie is a Liverpool based theatre production company that aims to promote the arts in the North West.  Our aim is to not only showcase our work in big cities, but to take theatre to overlooked areas where access to the arts is limited. ArtsGroupie also aims to present workshopping and educational opportunities to the community. 

Artsgroupie works in partnership with MyClubmoor around their create more projects in the Community hub. Projects that will create something lasting in the community, building people’s confidence, helping people upskill and become active. ArtsGroupie will use theatre arts to deliver lasting and sustainable social, economic and environmental change in the area.


Crafternoon is our children’s Saturday morning craft session which we will do a range of different crafts on the first Saturday of every month.

"My children love coming to Crafternoon at MyClubmoor. It is a fantastic session and the ladies who run the session are great with the kids and create some amazing crafts."

Our Other Projects

Incredible Edible MyClubmoor
Activities and events focused on gardening, community growing and food programmes encouraging and bringing people together with an interest in local growing and developing green spaces.
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Graphic Design and Typography Competition
This year MyClubmoor and Aaron Givens from @Grveyardshft have teamed up to come up with a lockdown competition for anyone interested in graphic design, illustration, typography, art or anyone else who wants to give it a try.
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Develop More Spaces
Using what we’ve learned at the MyClubmoor Community Hub, 56 Maiden Lane we want to repeat the creative development process in other spaces within our community.
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