Connect Moor

A series of networking events, business masterclasses and training to help local entrepreneurs and business’ to boost the local economy and develop their potential in the Clubmoor ward. Investing in local people and business will help the area to flourish and become a place to live. Our I <3 Awards and grants page illustrates ways we can offer seed funding and support for our residents.

ConnectMoor Networking events – The chance to get together with other local businesses and network. We host regular meetings for people to connect and hear experts in the field talk about business matters. We invite all our new grant winners and previous businesses to come together and offer each other support. To create a more connected business savvy community.

"I enjoyed the Connect More Event because it was great to hear our local residents talking about there ideas and surprising how many people think of the community"

Our Other Projects

Graphic Design and Typography Competition
This year MyClubmoor and Aaron Givens from @Grveyardshft have teamed up to come up with a lockdown competition for anyone interested in graphic design, illustration, typography, art or anyone else who wants to give it a try.
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Develop More Spaces
Using what we’ve learned at the MyClubmoor Community Hub, 56 Maiden Lane we want to repeat the creative development process in other spaces within our community.
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City Conversation Research Project
'City Conversation in Clubmoor’ research project began to get a better understanding of local issues, and of how local services can better reflect – not only the priorities of our residents – but also the knowledge, the passion and the resourcefulness that we have here in the community.
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