Grow Moor

Activities and events focused on gardening, community growing and food programmes encouraging and bringing people together with an interest in local growing and developing green spaces.

Allotment Challenge – An annual contest, a chance for local residents and allotment plot holders to enter their best-grown items from their growing season. It is a jam-packed day with children’s games, free food and drink and a chance to socialise and learn some new things about growing and gardening. Our awards ceremony takes place at the end of the day, all the items entered are judged on 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each category. All are welcome even if you do not enter the competition.

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Incredible Edible – the potential to develop on-street and household growing schemes to allow people access to food.

Scouse Challenge – this project we ask local school children to produce their own version of the famous Liverpool dish. We ask them to provide evidence of them cooking it at home with their family and to add their own secret ingredient. This is to push for families to be cooking together and teaching their children new skills. We then go round the schools and pick one winner from every school who receives a prize.

Plot 18 – at the Grandison Road Allotments is the local allotment growers’ commitment to tackling food poverty through the North Liverpool Foodbank (based in Clubmoor). Throughout the growing season’s they produce fruit and vegetables which are donated and distributed across our community.

"Today (at the allotment challenge) I have felt part of this community. It was really nice seeing everybody gathering here and enjoying themselves and also great fun for my children."

Our Other Projects

City Conversation Research Project
'City Conversation in Clubmoor’ research project began to get a better understanding of local issues, and of how local services can better reflect – not only the priorities of our residents – but also the knowledge, the passion and the resourcefulness that we have here in the community.
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Graphic Design and Typography Competition
This year MyClubmoor and Aaron Givens from @Grveyardshft have teamed up to come up with a lockdown competition for anyone interested in graphic design, illustration, typography, art or anyone else who wants to give it a try.
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Relax Moor
A range of activities focused on improving the wellbeing of local people, and the entrepreneurial spirit of those who support wellbeing.
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