Vision & Plan

Creating an environment for people to connect, create and innovate.
In doing so, residents will develop solutions to some of the priorities they identify.
Imagine us as a laboratory – the place in which to try out new things, and do more of what works.

We are a group of residents who are passionate about where we live, and are volunteering to make MyClubmoor the best that we can be.
How can we achieve our vision?

There are lots of creative and inspirational people in our community – musicians, artists, gardeners, cooks, builders, educationalists, volunteers, tradespeople, event organizers, advisers, carers, health experts. You name it we have it! Many of these people enjoy getting involved if we can create the environment to do it.

Putting people together sparks ideas and new approaches. When people get to know each other, they find they can help each other. The environment has to be right, we have to do some encouragement, and support has to be given, but it does happen.

When residents have a positive experience, they will tell others. Social media is a key platform for us to create that conversation.

A partnership is really important. We have been working in a different way with the Local Ward Councilors, LMH and other community organizations, and this has been going well. We are also part of a much wider network of community organizations across Liverpool – and they are keen and happy to contribute, bringing their own ideas and connections.

If MyClubmoor is a laboratory then the individual projects, programmes and activities are our experiments. We will be running lots of experiments to test what works.
We have identified a number of opportunities for residents to work together to make a difference. These aren’t the only things that we will do over the next three years, we will always respond to opportunities, but these will provide the focus for our engagement and conversations with local residents.

Project Map