City Conversation Research Project

MyClubmoor is all about making Clubmoor the best it can be. It’s a gathering place for the community and a place where local people can discuss the things affecting their lives and how things can change.

Over the past 12 months, we partnered with the University of Liverpool and Liverpool City Council on the ‘City Conversation in Clubmoor’ project at the beginning of last year to get a better understanding of local issues, and of how local services can better reflect – not only the priorities of our residents – but also the knowledge, the passion and the resourcefulness that we have here in the community.

Before the first lockdown, we got over 20 local residents involved as community researchers, who helped to shape the project and – until the pandemic hit – would have been its eyes and ears, on the ground, all across the area.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 meant that, like everything else, our project had to adapt – so we moved the conversation online and over the phone, gathering as much feedback from residents as we could.

The residents we spoke to told us how much they value their green spaces and the strong sense of community in Clubmoor. They identified ‘getting involved and helping each other out’ as the number one thing that they could do to help improve Clubmoor, and many expressed a desire for more communication and consultation with local services.

The public agencies that we spoke to – in health, housing and the local council – are just as eager to work together with local communities to co-create better designed services that work for local people.

The next step, with our partners, is to work towards that goal. But to do that, we need to speak to the many members of the community that we didn’t speak to last year; and for many more members of the community to get involved. This is just the start of the conversation, and we want people in Clubmoor to be a part of it.

"The best thing about Clubmoor is the community, who time and time again has come together to help vulnerable people within our area."

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